27 May 2009

The After Life

While I'm still a year away from graduating from this prison that they call Drexel, thoughts of the after college life have already started to run through my head. One of the problems that I have always had was the fact I just never knew what I wanted to do with my self. As a kindergartner would say "I have no idea what I want be when I grow up."

There are many different things that I enjoy doing. Many different things that I have tried. But none of them have sparked my interest to become hyper focus on. Something that I wouldn't mind spending my college career studying, with the potential for going for a masters or even a PhD in.

In attempting to try different things, there was a bit of hope that I would find something that peak my interest, something that draw me in to far that I would presume it as a profession or an area that I concentrate in. But alas, nothing has stand out. Some people don't seem to find this uneasy, but I do. I would even feel better if I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but I don't.

There have been many different thing that I have concerned doing after college. Now before I start going through these things, and my thoughts on people knowing what they want to do, I need to give you my life plan. It is very simple. First stage, work somewhere exciting. Second stage, teach something exciting. Third stage, buy an RV and travel the nation building Habitat houses.

Now here are some options that I have presented to my self:
  • Farmer: Yes, a farmer with cows, and land, and large pieces of farm equipment. My family has a fairly large piece of land with no one to take care of in the future. I'm kind of partial to keeping in the family which requires someone to take care of it. Now, I have no idea how to be a farmer, and there is a lot of things that I would have to learn, beyond my current skill set. The plus side to moving and becoming a farmer is that there is a lot of areas to go biking. Yeah Biking!
  • System Administrator: This is an area that I have a lot of experience in, and continue to do part time. System Administrator proves with a different set of problems and activities from day to day. This is some thing that I like. I really don't like to sit and do the same thing all day every day and doesn't mix well with the ADD. The other thing is that it is something that I understand.
  • Developer: Now this is something that people would consider to be the track that I should be taking. There are some problems with this. The first one is that I don't always enjoy programming. Yeah, I said it. I don't always enjoy programming. It is hard to believe. There have been a number of different projects that I have worked on that have proved me with great interest, but in the overall scheme of things there is something that I'm missing or just not understanding. Hopefully entering my senior year will help me to gave a love to just write random code.
  • Teacher: Teaching is something that I have always enjoyed. It has always provided me with joy helping people to understand something. I have taught many different things over the years, mainly in the areas of programming, system administration and leadership skills. There are a lot of other things that I have taught but not in a large scale. I could see my self teaching subjects in introductory programming, system administration, or possibly high school math (, possibly).
These are just a few of the things that I have considered. There are so many other possibilities that could be listed: professional bicyclist, laptop repair man, project manager, dry erase marker tester, chef, lunch-truck owner, or one of many other random professions.

All of this stuff seems to be becoming more and more of a problem as I approach the end of my college career. At this point in time, I'm heading to After College Pergatory.

22 May 2009


While riding around this afternoon, I pondered things that needed to be done in preparation for racing next year for Drexel. Many different things came to mind including hill climbing, sprinting and learning to ride in a pack. These things are standard. Items that will help me to win a race.

But upon further thinking, while almost getting hit by a trash truck, I decided that winning the race wasn't the most important thing. There are things that are more important. Things, that while adventuring in to racing, I discovered about the ECCC. My goal for next year is to make in to the ECCC Survey results.

Yes, the survey results. Winning has it's place, but the survey results are more exciting, and I feel that they last a bit longer. (If you don't know what I'm referring to, take a look at the ECCC website.)

Here are some ideas that I have come up with:

Epic Crashes - Epic crashes while it does hurt, does seem to get people in to the survey.
Things caught on Finish camera - This is a guaranteed way to at least have something caught on film. Just need to make sure that I don't piss Joe off while doing it.

There are bound to be other things that I can do be gain a spot in the survey. Who knows, even this entry will make it into the survey. But that is just wishful thinking.


Hello all. This is my attempt at keeping a blog. While I can't guarantee that I will be posting to it regularly, I will say that I will write to when I can.

Just so that everyone knows topics on this blog can include, but not limited to:
  • Photography
  • Habitat
  • Bicycles
  • Turtles
  • Cooking
  • Drexel
  • Leadership
  • Computers
  • Shenanigans
So, there will be a large variety of topics, and I hope that I can provide meaningful information for meaningless topics.

Comments are always welcome.

Happy reading!