04 August 2009

The War of the Toasting Device.

There is currently a war going on in my house. It is an intense war that has our kitchen divided. The war has caused the creation of allies and along with long conversations related to the pros and cons of the situation.

This war is over:

The use of a toaster oven or a toaster

This is a major issue with in the house and has been an unresolved issued that has festered until my toaster died. This is when the war broke out. First Casey bought a toaster oven. Providing a source for not only making toast but also cooking small meals with out having to heat up the large clunker that it sits next to.

But then Dustin made his move, the purchasing of a toaster. A simple, sleek device that takes up little counter space that provides a simple function: toasting things. That is it. A unitasker.

Now, each device provides excitement to the cooking experience. The toaster, taking a unix approach to the cooking world, provides a single service, and it does it well. The toaster oven, taking what I feel is more of a windows approach to the cooking world, does a lot of things OK. I have only had a couple of experiences with the toaster oven, some of which end every badly.

I'm not sure what the out come of the war will be, but I will say that this point in time is that I will not take sides, until there is some sort of epic battle in the kitchen between the actual toaster and toaster oven.


  1. A toaster != a toaster oven. In fact, a toaster oven makes inedible toast.

    You really need both.